Ulisses Rocha – White Wood

Recordings 07.–08.02.2018 at White Fir Studio

05_Tres Dedos 

Brazilian Artist Ulisses Rocha is one of these few special musi­cians who will leave a lasting impres­sion on the listener. Besides being a great virtuoso on the guitar he is a humble and open human being who is always devo­ting himself to push the limits of music both as a player and excel­lent composer. While deeply routed in Classical and Brazilian music Ulisses Rocha dives into the world of hip harmo­nies and explores the possi­bi­li­ties of diffe­rent genres in order to form a „non-bounda­ries“ style that is all his own. Having had the oppor­tu­nity to play with Ulisses meant a lot to me and I strongly encou­rage ever­y­body with an open ear and heart to check out his music!
(Christoph Neuhaus, Guitarist & Composer Stuttgart, Germany)

LP, 180g Vinyl, date of release: december 06th 2019.

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