(Past) Me Myself and Them – Record Release

Sandie Wollasch – Vocals
Martin Meixner – Wurlitzer Piano, Piano, Organ
Jörg Teichert – Guitars, Flugelhorn, Mandolin, Vocals

Me Myself and Them – EP

Me Myself and Them” is a brand new trio consis­ting of Sandie Wollasch, Martin Meixner and Jörg Teichert. This is their first album toge­ther but it will not be the last, thats for sure.

Martins hammond­playing is well docu­mented but here he has augmented his instru­men­ta­rium with Wurlitzer and piano. Jörg is playing guitar, mandolin and flue­gel­horn and toge­ther with Martin and Sandies vocals, he manages to create a mini­ma­li­stic musical world which makes this trio very special. Sandie I have known since many good years, performing with George Gruntz Orchestra. She struck me as a free spirit with a great voice. Over the years, her vocal expres­sion has deepend and matured even more and on this EP she certainly shows it.

The music on the album is composed by the trio except for one song, ”Do friends fall in love”, composed by Vilray. The lyrics for the songs composed by the trio is by Sandie and Inga Brock.

”The meaning of goodbye” is the first song and here, Sandies clear and distinc­tive voice is imbedded in the rich textures of Jörgs guitar and flug­el­horn and Martins piano and Wurlitzer, crea­ting the perfect melan­cholic back­drop to the lyrics. Number two ”Push the button” makes a big bluesy contrast turning into an almost coun­try­like anthem with a twangy twist saying, ”be what you wanna be”. ”Radio silence” is the third song and accom­pa­nied only by Jörgs mandolin and Martins Wurlitzer, Sandie paints a picture of loneli­ness beyond words. Number four”Eternity” remi­ni­scing of a sound­track to a David Lynch- type flick but with a unmista­kingly Sandietouch to it. Both Martin and Jörg is soloing on piano and flug­el­horn which gives the song a jazzy flavor. On the last song on the EP is ”Do friends fall in love”, Sandie and Jörg sings in harmony giving the song a lullaby-like touch remin­ding of an english ever­green. The perfect ending of a beau­tiful set of songs.

Chapeau Sandie, Martin and Jörg!
(Nils Landgren, friend and fellow musician.)