Sillage / Shift

2 EPs on a record!
180g Vinyl, 33rpm, stereo, limited copies

A-Side - Sillage (by Alex Wignall)
The compositions of the Australian pianist Alex Wignall with the sound of this phantastic trio is so thrilling, you don‘t want to stop listening. It‘s like watching a 3D movie. That‘s why his self given genre„Cinematic Jazz“ could not be a better fit.
Alex Wignall - Piano / Joshua Roberts - Drums / André Nendza - Double Bass

Sillage (sample)     

A-Side - Shift (by Martin Meixner)
A Hammond organ offers an unlimited reservoir of sounds. It is precisely this vari- ety that is the subject of the first organ solo EP by Stuttgart-based organist Martin Meixner. It was created in so-called One Mic Recording Sessions, which further en- hances the special sound of the instrument.
Martin Meixner - Hammond Organ, Piano, Tapes / Tommy Baldu - Drums

Shift (sample)     

Recorded live without overdubs at Studio WhiteFir, Swabian Alb.

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