(Past) Monika Herzig & Peter Kienle

21.07.2018, 19:00 Uhr at WhiteFir Studio

The Time Flies

Liebe Musikfreunde,

die nächste Live-Recording Session im WhiteFir Studio findet schon diesen Samstag statt. Es spielt ein hoch­ka­rä­tiges Jazz-to-Fusion Quartet um Monika Herzig (Piano) und Peter Kienle (Gitarre), die einige von Euch sicher noch vom letzten Jahr in Erinnerung haben. Auch Joshua Roberts (Drums) wird wieder dabei sein. Ausserdem dürfen wir auf Aron Caceres, einen hervor­ra­genden jungen Bassisten aus USA, gespannt sein.

Monika Herzig – Piano, Fender Rhodes, Casio
Peter Kienele – Guitar
Josha Roberts – Drums
Aron Caceres – Bass

Ich freue mich auf ein Wiedersehen und Kennenlernen.
Euer Michael Fetscher

Hello my European family!
This is Josh Roberts writing you on during my summer music travels here in Europe. I’m excited to update you and also extend a special invi­ta­tion to our upco­ming show.
We are about to finish the produc­tion of the project and duo concert I did with my musical colla­bo­rator Alex Wignall. I just finished another project here at White Fur Studios with Martin Meixner and some other amazing musi­cians like Rhys Lovell an incre­dible bassist from London.
I just finished my Masters Degree from New York University and am excited to be with Monika Herzig on this newest project! We have a concert on Saturday the 21st. We are really excited because Monika just released the Listeners Guide to Chick Corea, an incre­dible summary of the music of the great Chick Corea. Our newest project we’re brin­ging to the concert is in part some of Chick Corea’s grea­test hits but also brand new songs by our group The Time Flies. These songs are high energy and lots of cine­matic moments.
At this concert you might even hear a song written by me! I am about to do a whole new projec project later this year but for now this will be a great preview! We will be just retur­ning from our tour in Baku, Azerbaijan so we should have lots of stories to tell!
I very much miss you all and really look forward to hopefully recon­nec­ting and catching up! Bis Speta!
‑Josh Roberts b