Martin Meixner – Matchtape

“Back to the future with solid vintage sound.”

When the tubes of the Hammond organ warm up and the loudspeakers in the Leslie amplifier get to full rotation, there’s no stopping. That’s just one reason why the Stuttgart Hammond player Martin Meixner has named his new trio ‘Matchtape’, meaning something like ‘fuse’ or ‘match strike’. Guitarist Jörg Teichert and drummer Christian Huber complete the sound of this formation, accompanying Martin Meixner on the organ. It’s a veritable explosion that in this combination of jazz & pop, bold melodies and earthy grooves gives out good vibes, positive energy and immediately makes you want to get up on your feet and get in to it.

Martin Meixner - hammond organ, wurlitzer
Jörg Teichert - guitars
Christian Huber - drums

Pre-order / date of delivery: september 2018 / while stocks last / limited edition

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12″ Vinyl, 180g
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