Martin Meixner – Matchtape

When the tubes in this vintage instrument begin to glow and the horn inside the leslie amp starts to pirouette there‘s no holding back. That‘s only one of the reasons why hammond player Martin Meixner named his new project „Matchtape“. Matchtape as in fuse? Guitarist Jörg Teichert and drummer Christian Huber are the other main protagonists and complete the organic power train around Meixner. Together these three gentlemen like to play with fire to create their very own explosive energy and thrust, inviting you to lift off and touch down.

Martin Meixner - Hammond Organ
Christian Huber - Drums
Jörg Teichert - Guitar

Pre-order / date of delivery: september 2018 / while stocks last / limited to 500 copies



12″ Vinyl, 180g
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Größe 32 x 32 x 0.3 cm